The recent instances of the arrest, and rendition of fugitive slaves, escaped into Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois, under the fugitive slave law--without disorder tumult, or attempt at resistance--may be mentioned as far as these instances go, as a favorable sign of the times. It is shown that the matter, which has given such just cause of offence at the South, is still capable of being controlled by law. The carrying out of the law, too, has caused a stampede of runaway negroes in the free States, into Canada. In one sense, then, the "Canada line," is removed further from us. If runaways can only be safe in Canada it will break up the "free State trade" in the line of harboring and concealing what belongs to their neighbors under the Constitution of the country.


"Enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act," Alexandria (VA) Gazette, April 11, 1861, p. 3.

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