We doubt whether any county in the State suffers more serious loss from absconding negroes than Loudoun. Within the last twelve months the loss in this species of property has been immense. Even within the last fortnight we have heard of no less than 15 or 20 negroes who have thus made good their escape– four belonging to John M. Harrison, two to Joseph Lodge, one to Cornelius Vandoventer, (Mr. V. lost two others about three months ago,) one to Joseph Meade, one to Col. C. R. Dowell, one to Dr. F. Grady, three to Skinner, one to Mr.Butcher, and three to Mr. Stevenson. It behooves slave owners to keep a sharp look out; and ascertain, if possible, the cause of this wholesale stampede. – Loundon Democratic Mirror. 


"Stampedes," Alexandria (VA) Gazette, September 19, 1855, p. 2.

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