From the Charleston Courier. –– By Telegraph.

New York. Sept. 30.––The Cotton market was firm on the 30th The sales reached 2000 bales at full prices. Lard 3/8; Grain drooping.

Both Houses of Congress adjourned sine die at noon to-day. Nothing of moment was done at the close of the session. The members are scattering in all directions.

The first slave, under the fugitive law, was successfully arrested in N. York on Friday, and brought home. The fugitive negroes are leaving Pennsylvania, N. York, and other free States for Canada. There is a regular stampede among them.

There was a frost in Baltimore Monday night, and weather was cold enough to form ice, which will do injury to the Tobacco crop.


"First Slave arrested under the Fugitive Slave Law...," Augusta (GA) Chronicle, October 3, 1850, p. 3.

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