SLAVERY IN MARYLAND. Speaking the Legislature of Maryland, a correspondent of the Tribune says, that a majority of Reformers have been elected, and a great effort will be made to enact a bill providing for the call of a Convention to remodel the Constitution of the State. The slaveholders in the Eastern and Southern counties have already taken the alarm at the prospect of an effort to provide for emancipation. A movement once made will lead to beneficial results in a few years. There are those in Maryland who will never cease until this curse is eradicated from the soil; and although the final attainment of the object is distant in appearance, there are hearts that never despair, and yet hope to live to witness its accomplishment. 

   The same writer says, that it is seriously talked of holding a Convention of slaveholders in the State with a view of devising means to put a stop to the constant absconding of slaves. If the slave continues their stampede to the North, at the same rate as now, in a few years the slave census will exhibit a great falling off of numbers. 


"Slavery in Maryland," Bellows Falls (VT) Vermont Chronicle, November 28, 1849, p. 3.

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