SANDUSKY. (Ohio.) Oct. 21st. 

      Great Stampede of Fugitive Slaves–Attempted Rescue and Escape–Much Excitement.–The most intense excitement prevails here in consequence of the escape of a number of fugitive slaves who arrived here last evening. 

   The slaves were from Kentucky, and on their reaching the city, they were escorted by their friends and a number of citizens to the steamer Arrow; immediately on the departure of which vessel, an attempt was made to arrest them, but failed, owing to the interference of citizens of both colors, who prevented the slave-catchers from taking the slaves ashore. 

   After a sharp struggle, the slaves succeeded in escaping to Canada. 

   The slave-catchers consider that the citizens are wholly responsible for this failure to execute the laws. 


"Great Stampede of Fugitive Slaves," Boston (MA) Liberator, October 29, 1852, p. 3.

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