Stampede of Slaves.––About six o'clock yesterday morning, Mr. Daniel S. Dillon, who resides at his farm in Bourbon county, Ky., about thirty-five miles from the Ohio river, discovered that five of his negroes, three men and two women, were missing. Upon going to the stable, it was discovered that they had harnessed a horse to a light spring wagon which was missing from an adjoining shed, and in which, after the family had retired to rest, they had driven off. In company with two of his neighbors, Mr. Dillon pursued the fugitives to within four miles of the Ohio river, where they found the horse and wagon, the former tied to a fence, where he had apparently been standing some time. Subsequent inquiry induced Mr. Dillon to conjecture that the party had crossed the river in a skiff some distance below the Buckeye House, but as at that point he could gain no further intelligence of them, it is inferred that they have been spirited away by the underground railroad directors.––Cincinnati Courier, Oct. 2. 


"Stampede of Slaves," Boston (MA) Liberator, October 16, 1857, p. 3

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