From the Weston (Missouri), Argus, Jan. 26th.


  Men, Women and Children, belonging to citizens in Platte, Clay, St. Clair and Jackson Counties, Mo., in the charge of two Underground Railroad Agents, from Lawrence to Iowa!––Dr. Doy and Son!

   The most gallant achievement and effective vindication of our rights ever since the war upon slave property has been inaugurated, it is our pleasing duty to chronicle, which we do through an Extra, in order that the country may have all the facts just as they are, before the howling misrepresentations of the abolitionists may poison the Northern atmosphere. 

   Several valuable negroes having been stolen a few days ago from this county, a party followed them––found where they had crossed the Missouri into Kansas, in charge of three white conductors––pursued them to Lawrence, and thence onto the great Lane trail towards Iowa. But immediately after leaving Lawrence, they perceived that the fleeing party, consisting of three white men and thirteen negroes, could be overhauled at Oskaloosa, almost in sight of Lawrence. About ten o'clock in the morning, the assault was made upon the two wagons. The negroes were well armed, and would have made a deadly resistance, had not the white men surrendered after the first fire. No one was killed, and the whole party were captured and brought into this city about two o'clock this morning. 

   The negroes have all been identified as follows:

   Wilson Hays––Says he is free; 21 years old; bright mulatto; five feet ten inches high. 

   Chas. Smith––Says he is free; 24 years old; dark copper color; slightly pock-marked on the nose; about five feet eight inches high.

   Ranson Winston––About 33 years old; dark; five feet seven inches high; says he belongs to the estate of Jos. Winston, fo St. Clair County, Mo.

   Dan Bright––About eighteen years old; dark; belongs to Widow Bright, in McGee's addition, in Kansas City, Mo.

   Abe Robey––About 58 years old; has a wife and two children, one five years, the other eighteen months old; dark; says he belongs to Robey, of Westport. 

   Ben Logan––About 22 years old; dark; about five feet ten inches; weight, 140 pounds; belongs to Gen. Kirk, in McGee's addition to Kansas City, Mo.,

   One girl--About 22 years old; named Melinda; dark mulatto; belongs to Mrs. S.N. Wilson, Clay County, Mo.

   Catherine West––Bright mulatto; 27 years old; belongs to T.H. West, Kansas City, Mo.

   Mary Russell––Bright mulatto; 33 years old; belongs to W.H. Russell, Leavenworth.

   Dick––Dark copper color; about 35 years old; belongs to W.A. Newman, Weston, Mo.

   The names of the scoundrels who were conducting these negroes off, are John and Chas. Doy, and Clough. They had an examination to-day, before Justices Colman and Heriot, and in default of $5,000 bail, were sent over to the county jail.


"Thirteen Negroes Captured in Kansas," Boston (MA) Liberator, February 18, 1859

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