Over Jordan.

   We find the following in the Detroit Advertiser of the 11th:

UNDERGROUND EXPRESS TRAIN.––The express train over the Underground arrived this morning, at an early hour, bringing fourteen of the "chattels" that the man-stealers attempted to arrest in Chicago. The four who are reported by telegraph as having been smuggled off, arrived on Saturday, having been smuggled in the right direction––so that the whole seventeen are standing to-day on soil guarded by the flaming cross of St. George. 

   The total number of fugitives that have crossed the river at this point since the 6th of May last, is four hundred and eighty-two.

   We might add to the above that one of the above slaves was a young woman, nearly white possessing great personal charms, of good education and lady-like manners. She is reported to be the natural daughter of the well known Mr. Chouteau, of St. Louis, and was, it is said, about to be sold for purposes of prostitution to a southern man. The young woman was married a short time since by a Roman Catholic clergyman in this city, to a young man (white) also from St. Louis. The clergyman in this case acted in accordance with the "Higher Law," as there is a fine of $500 for marrying a colored to a white person. He drew the "circle of the Church of Rome" around the pair, however, and we are glad to say, so effectually that it preserved the intended victim from those who would sacrifice her to their foul lusts and fouler principles of legislation. 


"Over Jordan," Chicago (IL) Weekly Democrat, December 16, 1854

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