A communication in the Louisville Courier, some time since, concerning a negro plot in Henry county, Kentucky, one feature of which was that several white persons were to be murdered, and some robbing done by slaves, and then a stampede made for Canada, and which was widely copied and commented upon, is pronounced by a writer from the same neighborhood to the same paper, to have been a gross misrepresentation of the whole affair, and to have magnified the original facts immensely. The conspiracy instead of extending through a whole community of slaves, was confined to be a single family, and the object was not to murder any one but simply to prevent one of their number from being sold. The negroes who were found to be engaged in some mind of a plot, were inhumanely excoriated and confiscated to more lies than truth. They implicated a great number, and really accused some dead negroes of being concerned in a diabolical scheme to destroy the lives and property of white persons. A number of white persons become foolishly alarmed and excited, and wanted all the live negroes accused to be ferociously whipped and exiled to the South. But the owners of these negroes defended them from the mob, and the affair cooled off gradually.


Cleveland (OH) Weekly Leader, February 22, 1854, p. 2.

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