HOW BREAKS THE DAY!

   There is no mistake, friends, the free of freedom form a perfect cordon of enthusiasm around the Baltimore military. Every day brings the cheering tidings of fugitives from despotism of eloquent speaking and enthusiastic gatherings, where all had been pronounced sealed and delivered to Scott Pierce. 

   We had expected great changes; we believed that conviction was fastening on the hearts of men, and that the leaders of the Baltimore stampede for slavery, would be the victims of their own policy–the more odious in proportion to their prominence. We believed that disappointment awaited all who conspired to sustain oppression, prevent free discussion, and make wrong a finality; but, friends, the work speeds more gloriously even than we had dared to hope. 

   We never regretted the enactment of the Fugitive Slave Law, for we believed it eminently belonged to the class of evils out of which God has promised to bring good; that it was the wrath of men which He would make to serve his purposes of benevolence to the race. Read the history of nations and communities from the beginning; and no one fact strikes the philosophic mind more frequently and clearly than the certainty with which wrong and injustice annihilate themselves by pressing to extreme results–and in annihilating themselves, destroy all who are prominent in their prosecution. 

   As of the Fugitive Slave Law, so of the Baltimore platforms and nominees. The taking of decided ground for slavery, the insane attempt to arrest free discussion by pledges to resist and discountenance the agitation of human rights–has saved the friends of freedom all necessity for forging their own weapons, all the trouble of exhuming the wicked intentions of the Whig and Democratic parties. We had no expectation that either party would pledge itself to freedom, and only hoped that they would not hide their principles in fair pretensions. But, friends, we have to thank God that they didn't even try to cover their baseness in angel robes. As if to invite the indignation that is not less an attribute of good men than of God–they have come out from the subterfuge of lies, and challenge contempt, brave reproach, and enter the lists for preeminence in the concession and prosecution of the sum of all villanies–'tis the only pre-eminence attainable by traitors to humanity, defiers of Deity!

   We could have wept in pity for their great sacrifice of all grounds for self-respect; all considerations for benevolent exultation. We did give thanks, that by their folly, all who had been blinded by their past claims to humanity, and ignorantly followed them, would be made to see and seeing, come over to the help of right against might, of freedom against oppression. 

   They forged the shafts that pierce them.– Truth speeds. Humanity triumphs. We cannot begin to give our readers an idea of the magnitude of the revolution in sentiment and action which is sweeping over the land in a perfect whirlwind. Mr. HALE is the idol of the masses wherever he is heard. Friends and opponents give him pre-eminence by the quality of their praise, or the withholding of censure. Could the Presidential election be postponed till spring, we believe the people would carry JOHN P. HALE into the Presidential chair. As it is, the old parties will read a hand-writing on the wall that will separate the planks of their platforms, never to come together again. 

   The greatest determination is evident among the comeouters from the old parties–as might be expected among men who have been stopped alike through their pride of consistency and their sense of justice–to speak decidedly and act promptly in the emergency of freedom.– The meetings of the friends of freedom in this town and vicinity, tell a tale which makes Hunkerism tremble, and the enemies of oppression everywhere rejoice. November will reveal a new brightness rising on the disc of "the Star that never acts," that shall grow brighter and bright to the perfect day. 

   All the eloquence, all the enthusiasm, is on the side of freedom. And well it may be so. Only truth and a pure benevolence ever had power, by original endowment, to move the heads and loose the tongue of men to their ultimatum of power over the sympathies and will. It is another Pentecost. Whois and Democrats, escaped from Baltimore miasmas, prophecy, and every man hears them in his own tongue denouncing slavery–Windham Co. Democrat. 


"How Breaks The Day?," Concord (NH) Independent Democrat, October 21, 1852, p.2.

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