By reference to another column, it will be seen that several slaves have been recaptured under the operation of the fugitive slave law passed lately by Congress. This was the only measure of the whole bunch contained in the "omnibus" bill, which wore even the appearance of justice to the South––and we rejoice that is has been the means of recovering the property of one or two of our Southern people. We trust that the law may continue to be executed in good faith by the proper authorities, as it would serve in no small degree to harmonize the two sections. But of this we have serious doubts. True, the firmness of the officers triumphed over every obstacle; but a great clamor has been raised in consequence by the Northern fanatics, and we are not yet satirized that they will permit the faithful execution of the law, and allow runaway slaves (for whom they profess such devotion) to be delivered over to their owners and brought back to the South. It has created quite a stampede among the negroes themselves, and they are "making tracks" from the free States towards Canada, where they hope to enjoy that security which is now denied them––the present law being retro-active in its character, and authorizing the master to recover his runaway slaves, no matter how long since his absconding. Some of the Northern people have already raised the cry of repeal, and are moving heaven and earth to excite a universal prejudice against the law. This is but another instance of Northern iniquity, and serves to show that they are determined to agitate––agitate, until their fiendish purposes are fully accomplished. We hope for the best––but confess our fears as to the ultimate result.  


"Recapture of Fugitive Slaves," Elizabeth City (NC) Democratic Pioneer, October 8, 1850, p. 3

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