On our first page will be found some interesting details of the Abolition outrage at Harper's Ferry, a brief account of which was published last week. Further developments show that Brown had the sympathy and assistance from Abolitionists in various parts in the North. Letters and other papers from Gerritt Smith and others, have been discovered, and a printed document described as "The Constitution of the Provisional Government. This is the key and clue to the entire project. The Federal Government, it seems, was not to be overthrown; State authorities were to be left in formal possession of sovereignty; but supreme over all was to be John Brown, Commander-in Chief, under the Provisional arrangement, who was to range the Union at the head of his parti-colored troops, redressing wrongs and liberating the enslaved; advising, as circumstances demanded, with a Provisional House of Representatives, established for that purpose somewhere in West Virginia. There was a vast army of fugitives counted upon as certain to assist the rebels the moment the standard of revolt was displayed; but so premature was the movement, and so prompt the action of the authorities that no time was given for the intended stampede. Various documents in cypher, supposed to be of the highest importance as forming part of the insurrectionary scheme, have been transmitted to Washington.


Freehold (NJ) Monmouth Democrat, October 27, 1859, p. 2

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