Great Stampede of Fugitive Slaves––Attempted Rescue and Escape––Much Excitement.

                  SANDUSKY, Ohio, Oct. 21.

   Intense excitement prevails here in consequence of the escape of a number of fugitive slaves, who arrived here last evening.  

   The slaves were from Kentucky, and on their reaching this city, they were escorted by their friends and a number of citizens to the steamer Arrow. Immediately before her departure an attempt was made to arrest them, but failed, owing to the interference of citizens of both colors. After a sharp struggle the slaves succeeded in escaping to Canada. 

   Those who were in pursuit of the slaves consider that the citizens are wholly responsible for this failure to execute the laws. 


"Great Stampede of Fugitive Slaves - Attempted Rescue and Escape - Much Excitement," Hartford (CT) Courant, October 22, 1852, p. 2

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