MAYSVILLE, KY., Nov. 1.

            RUNAWAY SLAVES!

   Last week we warned our friends against another negro stampede, which we supposed would follow the holding of the Corwin meeting at Ripley; and since that time some four or five slaves have left their masters in this city and vicinity––a number have runaway from Montgomery––and Heaven only knows how many have fled from other parts of the State. It appears that they all aim to get to Ripley, in the hope, we suppose, of meeting their brother Tom, or some other kindred, who will aid them in passing on the subterranean rail road north. Three of a gang belonging to Mr. Rogers, of Montgomery county, were captured in the vicinity of Ripley, before they succeeded in crossing the river, however, on Saturday last, and several others are still missing. This is what results from such men as Senator Metcalfe, Gov. Letcher, and other Kentucky slaveholders fraternizing with the Abolitionists of Ohio; and our old friend in Ohio was right, when he told us last week to look out for another stampede after the Ripley meetings.––Flag. 


"Runaway Slaves!," Huntsville (AL) Democrat, November 15, 1848, p. 3

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