On our second page we have given a rumor from a Cincinnati paper of a negro stampede in Mason county. The Maysville Eagle of Tuesday afternoon furnishes us with the following additional particulars: 

   They attempted to cross the river, eight in number, in a skiff, about six miles below this city. The load was too heavy for the frail craft, which caused an upset, and four of the number were drowned––two men belonging to E.S. Perry, and two women, one the property of D. Bronaugh, and the other of Andrew Ritchie. The remaining four clung to the bottom of the skiff and called for help. They were relieved by Mr. R. Mitchell, Jr., brought here and lodged in jail. 

   Jim, the slave of Mr. John A. Keith, hired to Mr. N.H. Robinson, was arraigned yesterday, and tried before Justices Collins and Humphries, for aiding these slaves to escape. The evidence was conclusive Jim had received $150 each for taking these slaves across the Ohio. The offense is a penitentiary act on the part of white men or free negroes, but whipping on the party of slaves. The magistrate ordered him thirty-nine lashes––the extent of the law. 


Louisville (KY) Daily Courier, September 13, 1849, p. 3

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