THE SLAVE EXCITEMENT.––Our telegraphic despatches have already alluded to a stampede of the fugitive slaves at Pittsburgh. A despatch from that city, dated the 24th ult., says:

   There is some excitement here among the colored people, owing to the passage by Congress of the Fugitive Slave bill, and the power it gives to the slave owner to enter the free States and take possession of his runaway property where he finds it. Many of them are preparing to leave for Canada, in order to escape from those that they expect will soon be in pursuit of them. On Saturday, a large number roof them left the city, and some of the first hotels are left very bare of servants by this sudden movement. Many have gone who were never suspected of being fugitives until the passage of this bill, and many others are preparing to join in the general stampede. 


"The Slave Excitement," New Orleans (LA) Times-Picayune, October 7, 1850, p. 3

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