The Chicago Slave Case.–The Chicago Tribune speaking of this case says:–

The Harris family lived near St. Louis, and had been fugitives for nearly a month. Their error was in stopping in Chicago to see a maternal relative of the wife, under the stupid fallacy that a nigger has any right to have a mother, other than a mere matter of business. The warrants for their arrest were made out by U.S. Commissioner Corneau of Springfield.

There was a general stampede on Wednesday among the fugitive slaves harbored and residing in this city and within a day or two hundreds of them will have left for Canada, a course we advise to all, who cannot make up their minds to save the country by going back to their masters.


"The Chicago Slave Case," New York (NY) Commercial Advertiser, April 6, 1861, p. 1.

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Via Wire Report
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New York
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New York
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