Helper's Autobiography––His Pamphlet, and the Uses that Are Made of it by the Republican Party. 

   ...Had Brown's invasion of Harper's Ferry been followed, as abolitionists anticipated, by a stampede of several thousand slaves from Virginia and Maryland, civil war, and the "rape, fire and slaughters" which Gerrit Smith foretold, Helper's book would have been heralded to the country as prophetic. It failed, however, ignominiously. The murderer and horse thief, with his associate ruffians, suffered the penalty of their crimes, in accordance with the laws of the State which they violated. As a consequence, the leaders of the black republican party, especially in the critical position of things at Washington, have been driven to their usual stronghold of subterfuge and deceit. They shroud themselves with a silent disavowal of the Compendium, and, without committing themselves by condemning it openly, assume the airs of injured innocence when charged with advocacy of its tenets. Doolittle, in the Senate, is a specimen of this class of temporizers. Seward, perhaps, will endeavor to reef his sails in like manner, until the storm blows over....

[Editor's Note:  The majority of this article has been omitted from our transcription except for the portions directly mentioning the term "slave stampedes" or some variant.] 


"Helper's Autobiography - His Pamphlet," New York (NY) Herald, January 13, 1860, p. 4

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