STAMPEDE AMONG THE AFRICANS.––On Sunday night last some fifteen or twenty slaves departed this city for the colder climates of the north. It is generally supposed that they absconded under the advice and control of the very efficient underground railroad agents, who seem to hold place and profit in this city. 

   Three of the slaves belonged to Mr. Pierre Chouteau, three to Emanuel Black, six to Edward J. Gay, and some three or four to Mr. Merrit, all of this city. They probably decamped about midnight, having, under the permission of their owners to attend church, gathered themselves together and set out in a company. Heavy rewards have been offered by their owners, and officers are in close pursuit of them. It is extremely probable that all, or a majority of them, will be retaken, for with the gang are a number of women and children, and we believe some aged and crippled. They did not pass the river on Sunday night as is thought, and are yet hid in the city. They may have passed over and secreted themselves some where near the borders until search shall be discontinued, when they will make good their escape. If they are not very skillfully managed by their pilots they will be baffled and brought back.––St. Louis Dem.


"Stampede Among the Africans," New York (NY) National Anti-Slavery Standard, November 18, 1854

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