...Mine was as follows: With carefully selected colored and white persons to organize along the Northern slave frontier (Virginia and Maryland especially) a series of stampedes of slaves, each one of which operations would carry off in one night, and from the same place, some twenty to fifty slaves; this to be effected once or twice a month, and eventually once or twice a week along non-contiguous parts of the line; if possible without conflict, only resorting to force if attacked. Slave women, accustomed to field labor, would be nearly as useful as men. Everything being in readiness to pass on the fugitives, they could be sent with such speed to Canada that pursuit would be hopeless....

[Editor's Note: The majority of this article has been omitted form our transcription except for the portions directly mentioning the term "slave stampedes" or some variant.]


"The Plan of the Insurrectionists," Newark (OH) Advocate, November 4, 1859, p. 2.

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