Prompt Proceedings. 

   We publish in to-day's paper the proceedings of a meeting of citizens of Fabius township. Our readers will remember that Fabius embraces a portion of our county bordering immediately on the Mississippi river, and opposite the city of Quincy, in Illinois. Moreover, Fabius is that particular portion of the county which suffered in the recent stampede of negroes, to the extent of some $15,000. It is but natural that the people of Fabius should feel some excitement on the subject. They have been wantonly, wickedly robbed of their property; and they would be less than men, if they did not take every proper means to prevent a repetition of such a scandalous outrage. Nevertheless, in regard to the present matter, they have acted with a coolness and judgement much to be commended. They did nothing in hot blood––they condemned not without a hearing. Their course in this respect is not more to be commended, than the result of their action. They first satisfied themselves that the obnoxious state of facts supposed by them to exist, did exist, and their after conduct was governed accordingly. The reason of their action is briefly and explicitly set forth in the report of the committee, and the accompanying resolutions. 

   We can but regret the necessity which compels our people to resort to summary measures for the preservation of their rights; but we shall do well to remember, that in all these matters we act simply on the defensive. We know of no community more tolerant of the opinions of others than this: but when our domestic institutions are rudely assailed––when insubordination is inculcated to destroy the proper relation of master and servant, the case becomes changed. Then it becomes the duty of the people to protect themselves against the dissemination of such obnoxious and ruinous doctrines. 

   We understand the Rev. Mr. Dennis, the Presiding Elder of the Methodist E. Church North, attended the meeting in question, and made great efforts to appease the people, and reconcile them to receive and allow ministers of his church to preach among them: but that his efforts were of no avail, and he concluded to withdraw, with the promise to suspend the ministerial action in that vicinity by the said Methodist E. Church North. We trust the matter will end here. The people of Fabius have suffered severely. Their situation is at best exposed––contiguous to Quincy, they are peculiarly liable to the wanton acts of such abolition emissaries as may be found in that vicinity. The spirit of their proceedings sufficiently attest that they are not disposed to submit to any improper interference in their affairs; and the character of the men––comprising many of the firmest and most judicious in the county––is also sufficient guarantee that they will unwaveringly effect whatever they may deem proper under the circumstances. 


"Prompt Proceedings," Palmyra, MO Whig, February 23, 1854, p.2

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