Change of Sentiment in Maryland––Stampedes of Slaves

   The secessionists in Maryland are gradually becoming converted from the error of their ways. Their first symptom is an extraordinary avidity to secure places of emolument under the government. 

   Several citizens of Baltimore, who were blatant secessionists one month ago, are pestering the departments here for offices. There is a great change of sentiment in Maryland, caused by the vigorous measures of the government and the evident impossibility of the accomplishment of the treasonable purposes upon which the rebels had set their hearts. 

   Several stampedes of slaves have recently occurred in Worcester county, Maryland. The negroes begin to understand that they can make hay while the sun shines, and are running away as fast as their legs can carry them. 


"Change of Sentiment in Maryland - Stampedes of Slaves," Philadelphia (PA) North American and United States Gazette, October 14, 1861, p. 1.

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