From the Albany Atlas & Argus.

Revelations of Conspiracy --The Harper's

   Ferry Affair Plotted in 1858 --Seward in-

   formed of its Ramifications --Speculation

   in Murder --Amos Lawrence & Co. offer

   $7,00 for an Insurrection and a Rise in

   Cotton --The three Plots, Brown's, Forbes',

   and the Well-matured Plan.

   ...Forbes' plan was to organize "stampedes," that is the flight of parties of slaves, from 20 to 50, twice a month --twice a week, if need be --along the Northern border, so as to make slave property untenable, and irritate the pro-slaveryites into blunders.

   Brown's plan was to organize a body of 25 to 50 men, black and white, well armed, and with spare arms for the slaves whom they were to call to their standard, to seize on the Armory at Harper's Ferry, and destroy what they could not carry off....

[Editor's Note: The majority of this article has been omitted from our transcription except for the portions directly mentioning the term "slave stampedes" or some variant.]


"Revelations of Conspiracy - The Three Plots," Pittsfield (MA) Sun, November 3, 1859, p. 1

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