The Fredericksburg Recorder of the 12th says:

   Information has just reached us of the escape, on Sunday night last, from a place called White Point, in Westmoreland county, of a party of some forty negroes or more. This they managed to effect by using a seine boat belonging to Mr. Gouldman, the owner of the property at the place. The slaves belonged as follows: 10 to estate of Rob't H. Montgomery, deceased; 8 to Mr. Gouldman, 4 to W.D. Watson; 5 to Fielding Lewis; all of Miss Mary Dishman's, number not known; one to T.L. Hunter; one belonging to Mr. Coleman, of this county, and hired to R.H. Hudson, King George C.H. The last man is said to be very valuable. It is also reported that several belonging to R.H. Turner and Dr. Greenlaw have gotten off. We further hear that the citizens attach great blame to the military authorities for this wholesale loss of property, and appeal most urgently and earnestly to the powers that be at Richmond to give them true-hearted but defenseless people some little measure of protection and some immunity from this wholesale deprivation of property. It is a little singular that as soon as Col. Arnold and his militia force retired that these outrages should be perpetuated. 


"Latest Southern News - Another Stampede of Slaves," Richmond (VA) Daily Dispatch, November 14, 1861, p. 3

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