TEXAS DANGERS.––Kendall of the Picayune writing from his ranche near San Antonio about the Indians, says:

   "But if they have not meddled with my sheep they have pestered me in another way; they have kept up a stampede among the men in my employ, and rendered some of them constantly uneasy.– One negro man in particular, who was at work cutting and splitting rails, was in such continual fear for several days that he declared he could not half work. To use his own words: 'Ebery lick I gib de tree wid de axe I hab to look round to see if some Injun don't gib me a lick in de back ob my head wid a tomahawk.' A man with such a scare upon him is of little service."


"Texan Dangers," Richmond (VA) Dispatch, May 15, 1855, p. 1

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