Correspondence of the N.Y. Journal of Commerce.

                 WASHINGTON, Nov. 30, 1849.

   Among the causes of irritation to the Southern men, is the growingly frequent escape of slaves, who are believed to be enticed away. Thus, last Saturday night, some half dozen disappeared from near Martinsburg, Va., and the same night about as many from Talbot county, Maryland. From Jefferson county, also, there was a stampede. Agents are at work to get them off. It is a pity they could not take 100,000 at a haul. They would soon cry enough, and beg they might be taken back. 

   Among the pre-congressional improvements, the Presidential House has not been neglected. New paint and furniture has given it quite an improved aspect. We hope no one will find fault with it.              H.H.H. 


"Correspondence of the N.Y. Journal of Commerce," Richmond (VA) Enquirer, December 7, 1849, p. 2

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