Messrs. Editors: In your paper of the 22nd inst., there is a communication signed "Justice" which refers to the slave stampede in this neighborhood on the 16th, saying "that it was rumored that a colored person had betrayed the slaves, but, unfortunately, the one they accuse of having done so, started north with a part of the same gang the night before the capture; and this rumor was only to prevent, and may be, to save the underground car from being upset or overtaken." Now, in order correct public sentiment in regard to that man's conduct in this matter, I would refer them to the following certificate of the agent of the northern line of stages:

Springfield, Jan. 22, 1850.

This is to certify that Mr. Jenkins left for Bloomington on the 16th day of January, 1850, in the stage.

J.C. Goodhue, agent.

A Friend to "Justice"


"Letter to the Editors," Springfield (IL) Journal, January 23, 1850, p. 3.

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