From the Fairmont True Virginian.  

                       Wholesale Stampede. 

   There have been but a few slaves in this (Marion) county at any time; and the number, already less than fifty probably, promises soon to be represented by a cipher. Our proximity to the Pennsylvania line, which, where it runs nearest to us, is not more than twenty miles from Fairmount, renders the possession of slave property rather undesirable. On Saturday night last six slaves started for Pennsylvania--two men and two women belonging to Thomas Knotts, one man belonging to Absolom Knotts, and one woman of the estate of Jane Doudell. Nor were they content to take themselves off only, but they took with them six horses belonging to different gentlemen of this county, besides various articles of clothing, beeding, &c. They were supplied, too, with fire-arms. In short, it would appear that they either possessed a good deal of forecast, or were prompted in their action by some agent of the 'underground railroad.' In the vicinity of Blacksville, in Monongalia county, very near the State line, they were stopped by some white persons about twelve o'clock at night, but owing to causes with which we are not familiar, only a single one of the fugitives was captured and restored to his master--that one belonging to Absalom Knotts. Several of our citizens started in pursuit of the runaways on Sunday, since which time we have heard nothing from them, though they may return before our paper goes to press; provided they be not arrested and put in jail, as young Parsons was. A reward of $1,000 has been offered for the apprehension and return of the slaves, or a proportionate reward for either or any of them. 

   P.S. The horses have all been recovered, but not a word has been heard, we believe, touching the whereabouts of the negroes. 


"Wholesale Stampede," Washington (DC) Tri-Weekly Washington Sentinel, November 13, 1855, p. 2

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