Reported Expressly for the Wilmington Herald

            IMPORTANT NEWS.


                               WASHINGTON, Oct. 18.

   Yesterday, at noon, the whole community was astounded at a report, that a band of Abolitionists and Negroes had taken entire possession of the town at Harper's Ferry, including the Armory, Arsenal, Pay Office, and all the other Government property. They cut the telegraph wires, stopped the train with the mails, and imprisoning and pressing into their service all citizen negroes found in the workshops and streets, and killing many.

   Later in the day these reports were fully confirmed by despatches to Government. Gov. Wise ordered out a regiment from Jefferson county, and two of the Richmond Companies. The Governor of Maryland pushed forward two companies from Frederick and several companies from Baltimore. The Government sent one hundred Marines, two twelve pound guns, and ordered three Companies of Flying Artillery from Old Point.

   The insurgents, it is said, numbered 750 men fully armed, and had fortified the Bridge over the Potomac, and every approach by the land side.

   About midnight, after a severe battle, the Railroad employees, the Jefferson Regiment, and the first division of Frederick troops, entered the town. The Insurgents retreated to the Armory, which was barricaded and fortified.

   Shortly after, other trains with companies from Baltimore and Marines arrived and demanded the immediate surrender of the Insurgents. They refused and the Marines forced the door during a rapid firing within and without. Three Marines were shot. They then carried the armory at the point of the bayonet and all the living Insurgents were captured. The citizens and soldiers were much exasperated, and endeavored to shoot the rioters, but were prevented by the Marines.

   It now appears that the plan was concocted and executed by Ossawatogre Brown of Kansas infamy, accompanied by a set of fanatical Abolitionists from Ohio, Connecticut and Maine. A year ago Brown, under the name of Smith, hired a farm in the vicinity, where the gang rendezvoused. Their object, apparently, was to procure arms and money from the armory, and induce a general stampede of the slaves in this section of country.

   Several citizens, on yesterday, were murdered in cold blood. Three Marines were shot, three or four Frederick county soldiers and Rail Road Conductors were killed, and two Conductors severely wounded.

   The Armory Insurgents killed, were Anderson of Connecticut, a leader and son of Brown. Brown, himself, was mortally wounded, besides several others were killed and wounded, who are not named. --Had they not been prevented by the Marines, the citizens would make short work of the living.


" Important News - Negro Outbreak in Virginia - Abolitionists Tampering with Them," Wilmington (NC) Daily Herald, October 18, 1859, p. 3

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