"RICHES HAVE WINGS." Aye, and slaves have feet, too, which they seem disposed to use to some purpose. The great and increasing risk of losing this kind of property, [unknown] ere long, have an important bearing on the slave question in the northernmost slave States. The Baltimore correspondent of the New York Tribune, says:

   “It is seriously talked of holding a Convention of Slaveholders in the State, with a view of devising means to put a stop to the constant absconding of slaves. What such a convention could accomplish I cannot guess, I leave for time alone to show. If the slaves continue their stampede to the North, at the same rate as now, in a few years the slave census will exhibit a great falling off of numbers. Well – who can blame them these “human chattels” for exercising their limbs, freely, as pedestrians?


"'Riches Have Wings'," Worcester (MA) Spy, October 24, 1849, p. 3.

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