Beginning Date
Sunday, December 27, 1846
Starting Point
Freedom Seekers Mentioned By Name
Addison (age 29) // Charles (age 26) // Frederick (age 22)
Slaveholders Mentioned By Name
Robert Baskett // John W. White
Mid Points
End Point

On Sunday, December 27, 1846, three enslaved men, 29-year-old Addison, 22-year-old Frederick,  and 26-year-old Charles, escaped from near Fayette in Howard county, Missouri. Their enslavers, Robert Baskett (who claimed Addison and Frederick) and John W. White (who claimed Charles) were "incline[d] to the opinion that they will go towards the Mississippi and perhaps to Canada," and advertised a $150 reward for their recapture. 

Escape Numbers
Notes on Sources

Fayette MO Boon's Lick Times, January 2, 1847 (CA)