Beginning Date
Sunday, December 24, 1854
Starting Point
Freedom Seekers Mentioned By Name
Richard Wash // Robert Jones
Slaveholders Mentioned By Name
Henry E. Moore of Boonville // B.M. Lynch of St. Louis
Mid Points
End Point

On Sunday, December 24, 1854, two enslaved men, Richard Wash and Robert Jones escaped from the steamboat Tropie, while it was docked at Cairo, Illinois. Their enslavers, Henry E. Moore of Boonville, Missouri and B.M. Lynch of St. Louis, advertised a $250 reward for their recapture. 

Escape Attributes
Multiple Slaveholders
Waterways Escape
Runaway Arrest Ad
Escape Numbers
Notes on Sources

St. Louis Missouri Republican, January 12, 1855 (HMO); See also modern St. Louis Magazine profile, "Dishonorable Monuments," June 21, 2017 that describes how Bernard M. Lynch (or Barney) was a notorious slave trader in St. Louis.