Beginning Date
Monday, October 5, 1857
Starting Point
Freedom Seekers Mentioned By Name
Napoleon (age 30) // Sandy (age 21) // John (age 20) // Dick (age 23)
Slaveholders Mentioned By Name
Mace Rust // Michael Arthur
Mid Points
End Point

In early October 1857, a group of four enslaved people, 30-year-old Napoleon, 21-year-old Sandy, 20-year-old John and 23-year-old Dick, escaped from Clay county, Missouri. Their enslavers, Mace Rust and Michael Arthur, offered $1200 for their recapture. 

Escape Attributes
Single Slaveholder
Runaway Arrest Ad
Escape Numbers
Notes on Sources

St. Louis Missouri Republican, December 9, 1857 (HMO)