Beginning Date
Monday, August 4, 1862
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The New Orleans Delta reported that early in the morning on Monday, August 4, 1862, policemen in their city battled with a group of 25 or 30 runaway slaves along St. Ferdinand Street. These freedom seekers had been part of a larger group of about 150 enslaved African Americans from plantations outside of New Orleans who had recently been stampeding.  "The negroes were armed with cane knives, scythe blades and clubs," according to the newspaper accounts.  "The police, finding that the negroes were determined to resist, opened on them with their pistols and closed in with their clubs. They captured fourteen and killed one."   Four policeman were also reportedly wounded.  "We understand," the newspaper added, "that one of the negroes state that the Frenchmen induced them to leave the plantation by telling them that if they could get to the city they would have plenty to eat and nothing to do."

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