LAWS OF NATURE GETTING SECTIONAL.--A Cincinnati correspondent of the Boston Transcript says the ice in the Ohio river is fourteen inches thick, and the Slaves in Kentucky, who are fully aware that the laws of the State make it a penal offence for the toll man to allow them a passage over any bridge within the limits of the State, and probably supposing that the proprietor of the great natural bridge, now existing between Ohio and Kentuck, is under no particular obligation to the Slaveholding interest, have seized upon the occasion for a grand stampede. 

   It is estimated that nearly 200 Slaves have escaped from bondage by crossing the Ohio river during the past month. Through the activity and vigilance of the directors of the "under-ground railroad," they have,with an unfortunate exception, all been "put through."

   As the law of nature, which creates this insecurity to Slave property is cheaply unconstitutional, why does not the President recommend its repeal, or get Mr. Attorney-General Cushing to give an open against its validity? Like the Anti-Slavery Restriction in the Missouri Compromise, this law is clearly sectional in its character, and impairs the value of Kentucky property. Let it be repealed at once, or, our word for it the union between those two States, at least, will be dissolved early in the spring.

                                                                                                [N.Y. Eve. Post. 


"Laws of Nature Getting Sectional," Albany (NY) Evening Journal, February 13, 1856, p. 2.

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