Serious Disturbance at Harper's Ferry.

   BALTIMORE, Oct. 17. --The following dispatch has just been received from Frederick; but, as it seems very improbable, it should be received with great caution until confirmed: 

   FREDERICK, Oct. 17th, a. m. --There is an insurrection at Harper's Ferry. A band of armed Abolitionists have full possession of United States Arsenal. The express train was fired into twice, and one of the railroad hands --a negro --killed while trying to get the train through the town. The insurgents arrested two men who came into town with a load of wheat, took the wagon, loaded it with rifles, and sent them into Maryland. --The band is composed of a gang of about 250 whites, followed by a band of negroes, who are now fighting.

   BALTIMORE, Oct. 17. --It is apprehended that the affair at Harper's Ferry is more serious than people here are willing to believe. The telegraph wires are cut from Harper's Ferry, consequently we have no communication beyond Monocacy.

   The reported stampede of negroes is from Maryland.

   The train due here early this morning has not yet arrived.

   There are many wild rumors here, but nothing authentic yet.


"Serious Disturbances at Harper's Ferry," Alexandria (VA) Gazette, October 18, 1859, p. 3

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