ARREST OF THE OTHER STE. GENEVIEVE FUGITIVE SLAVES.––The St. Louis papers state that late on Monday afternoon, Mr. E.B. Way, a resident of Illinois, about fifteen miles east of Alton, discovered a gang of five negroes in his woods as he was passing by. Supposing them to be the Ste. Genevieve fugitives, he induced them to go to his house under the belief that he would assist them to escape. They accompanied him and partook of a supper, which was ordered by Mr. Way to be prepared for them, whilst he left the house under a pretext of getting the wagon ready to carry them further on––but in reality to get the assistance of a neighbor, Mr. W.A. Scott, to assist in making them prisoners. Previous to his leaving, Mr. Way secured their guns, which were brought by the negroes to the house, so that with the assistance of Mr. Scott––they being well armed––the whole were arrested without difficulty, and secured. They were brought to this city yesterday morning on the Alton and delivered over to the custody of the Jailor, with whom the whole eight are confined. The names of the five arrested on Monday, are Henry, belonging to Col. Bogy; Isaac, to Messrs. Valle & Co; Edmund, to Mr. Skows; Joseph, to Mr. A. James, and William, to Mr. Smith. We learn that Way and Scott received 1,000 for the arrest of the slaves.––This is a somewhat different version of the affair from our statement. 


"Arrest of the Other Ste. Genevieve Fugitive Slaves," Alton (IL) Weekly Telegraph, September 24, 1852

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