Last Night's Report. 

   KENTUCKY RUN-AWAY SLAVES.––The run-away slaves have nearly all been taken and lodged in jail at different points. Young Fowlers was shot through the kidney––supposed mortally wounded. Only one other white man was shot. Joseph Duncan was wounded in the mouth. Several of the slaves wounded, and one killed. Six succeeded in crossing the Ohio near Ripley, and escaped.

   The plot seems to have been pretty well matured, but a heavy rain fell which swelled the creeks so as to retard the movements of the fugitives towards the river. The slaves appear to have but poorly provided themselves with provisions, and grew so hungry that two or three of the party who had escaped from Lexington went on to Claysville after they had been out two nights and one day hungry and worn down, and begged to be taken back to their masters. They gave the first information. 

   The people of Harrison county had received news of the stampede, and reported a large party hidden in the wood in the immediate vicinity, and were pursued, and more of them were taken. 

   It was in arresting this party that Fowler and Duncan were wounded. The negroes were armed with revolvers, and fought well, and twice compelled the whites to retreat.

   Gen. Wool and staff, are in Philadelphia.

   Daniel Webster and A.P. Bagley of Alabama, the new Minister to Russia, are in New York. 


"Kentucky Run-Away Slaves," Buffalo (NY) Daily Republic, August 19, 1848, p. 3.

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