The daily papers last week were filled with telegraphic dispatches of an insurrection at Harper's Ferry, Virginia. It is somewhat difficult to get a full and clear understanding of the affair. The gist of it seems, however, to be this: --Capt. John Brown, of Kansas notoriety, who was last heard of on his way from Missouri to Canada with a band of runaway slaves, now turns up as the leader of the insurrection of a few infatuated whites and deluded negroes at Harper's Ferry, where he seems to have been for some months plotting and preparing for a general stampede of slaves....

[Editor's Note: The majority of this article has been omitted from our transcription except for the portions directly mentioning the term "slave stampedes" or some variant.]


"Insurrection in Virginia," Clearfield (PA) Raftsman's Journal, October 26, 1859, p. 1

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