Profit and Loss.

   Here is an account of the flight of more slaves in one week, from two counties in Kentucky, than have been recovered under the Fugitive slave law in all the Northern States in eight months. 

   NEGRO STAMPEDE.--The Maysville Post Boy of the 2d inst., says:

   During the past week, a leave-taking fever has prevailed among the slaves in this section. On Sunday night, a woman and three children the property of F.M. Wheedon of our city, left their owners in Lewis.–eight belonging to Mrs. Eliza Sheppard, two to Chas. Wood, and the remainder, owners names not ascertained. From Nicholas several have also departed from freedom during the past few days. 


"Negro Stampede," Macon (GA) Weekly Telegraph, May 20, 1851. p. 2.

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