The Abolitionist Riot at Harper's Ferry --Sewardism at the South.

   ...There were, of course, white scoundrels ready to join in the insurrection for the purpose of Seward or of any one else whose views might be antagonistic. But the direct agents of the "irrepressible conflict" doctrines were sincere. They aimed at "freeing the slaves" --at promoting a stampede --at establishing Seward's conflict principle --at plundering the Southern planters for the policy of the Northern pirates --of rioting for some blacks that they might involve in bloodshed and pauperize some whites....

[Editor's Note: The majority of this article has been omitted from our transcription except for the portions directly mentioning the term "slave stampedes" or some variant.]


"The Abolitionist Riot at Harper's Ferry - Sewardism at the South," Memphis (TN) Daily Appeal, November 2, 1859, p. 2

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