SLAVE STAMPEDE IN KENTUCKY.   A larger number of slaves––fifty or seventy-five, says the Lexington Observer––owned in and about Lexington, made their escape on the night of the 5th inst. The plan had been concocted for some time previous by the Abolitionists, who were to convey the blacks to a place of security for ten dollars each. A pursuit was at once instituted, and parties had gone from Maysville to assist in the recapture. A telegraphic dispatch from that place states that the fugitives were overtaken by a par[ty] of twenty whites near the river, but being armed, they offered a successful resistance, killing one whit man. Subsequent to the fight, five negroes were taken near Maysville, and six or seven at Cynthiana. The whole country in the vicinity was aroused, and the probability is that all have since been secured. 


"Slave Stampede in Kentucky," Middlebury (VT) Galaxy, August 22, 1848, p. 3.

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