Slave Stampede––Recapture––Sent to the Cotton Fields

                WASHINGTON, Sept. 6, 1857.

   A few days since about 17 slaves, including both sexes, were permitted by their masters, residing in this city, to attend a camp-meeting towards the north part of the State, (Maryland.) After getting their spiritual strength renewed, they concluded to turn their faces towards the land of the Free, and had almost succeeded in reaching a place of safety, when the stampede became known. A drover in Baltimore offered to capture the Fugitives for a share of the sale money to the cotton plantation of the South. The owners having agreed to his proposition, he went in pursuit and brought back nine of the party, who were yesterday put en route for the cotton fields. The profits to the catcher, I am told, amounted to more than ($2,000) two thousand dollars. The balance of the party have not yet been captured.                         B. 


"Slave Stampede - Recapture - Sent to the Cotton Fields," Millersburg (OH) Holmes County Republican, September 10, 1857, p. 3

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