THE ST. LOUIS PAPERS are very much exercised over the frequent stampede of slaves, and their almost impossible recovery after they once get as far as Chicago––which is pronounced one of "the most pestilent abolition holes in the country." The Republican recommends an increased police; but the Intelligencer says that the People will not bear that––as they cannot afford to pay any higher tax than they now do, to protect Slave property, and that the owners will not submit to a special tax for this purpose––as that would be so severe as to break down the Slave Institution in Missouri. Under these circumstances, the Intelligencer says there is no other course to maintain slavery in Missouri, but the revival of the African slave trade. It is conceded by all that the repeal of the Missouri Compromise, is the inciting cause of the extreme difficulty of recovering slaves in Illinois. The wanton violation of the Missouri Compromise in the Nebraska bill is the fault of the slave States––so the punishment of this crime has already struck home.


Milwaukee (WI) Weekly Wisconsin, December 20, 1854, p. 2

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