In Noticing the recent arrival at Detroit of a cargo of live fright consisting of twenty-six “chattels” all the way from Missouri, and their safely landing in Canada, the Advertiser says:

Their conductor was a gentleman well-known to most of our readers for his exploits in Kansas, and his connection with certain exciting events in Missouri. They were taken through Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois to Chicago, and then to Detroit. The gentleman who escorted the procession to this city, had about fifty thousand dollars worth of property stolen from him, or destroyed, in Kansas, by the Border Ruffians, and he is now practicing the law of retaliation upon his plunderers. He informs us that a perfect panic has seized the slaveholders of Missouri, and that they were hurrying the slaves down South by the hundreds.–– Between the stampede South and their escape into Kansas, he says Missouri is to be a free State much sooner than the most sanguine have hoped. Several border counties have already been almost depopulated of slaves, and still the 'irrepressible conflict' is going on!


"The Detroit Underground Train," New Lisbon (OH) Anti-Slavery Bugle, November 12, 1859, p. 4.

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