From the Boston Post.

   OUTRAGE IN WORCESTER.--A miserable crowd, composed mostly of negroes, assaulted officer Butman, of Boston, in Worcester, on Sunday, and bruised and injured him severely. A placard posted about the city--

   "Look out for Kidnappers! Butman, the Kidnapper of Thomas Sims and Anthony Burns, is in town, accompanied by another officer! They are booked at the American Temperance House! Look out for them"--disturbed the usual Sunday quiet of the city, and attracted a gathering of people who were further excited by the harangues of some abolitionists. The crowd surrounded the Temperance Hotel, and but for the interference of the authorities of the city he would have been assaulted. He was arrested, finally, for carrying concealed weapons, and giving bail was allowed to depart. The following telegraphic despatch was published on Monday: 

   WORCESTER, Oct. 30.--The examination of Butman has been postponed for a fortnight. Adin Thayer, the standard-bearer of the 'Freedom Club,' appeared for government,and immediately after harangued the crowd outside, stating that inside he was a legal gentleman, and outside one of the people. He inquired for rotten eggs--did not advise their use, but intimated that they were useful at times. Butman being in the marshal's office, a stampede of negroes was made for the door.--The leader was knocked down and Butman was secured from harm by Marshal Baker. An attempt to rescue the leader proved fruitless, but the negro escaped by jumping from the window. G. F. Hoar appeared and stated that Butman would leave town next train, and called upon all citizens to allow him to go without harm. Butman went to the Western depot, accompanied by Hoar and a full police force. Rotten eggs were freely used, and many attempts were made to reach Butman. The cars had left, and Butman was secured from the mob for a few minutes in the depot. Stephen S. Foster made a conciliatory speech, and Butman was placed in a hack and driven from the depot at full speed, followed by a crowd hooting and jeering at the top of their lungs. 


"Outrage in Worcester,"  Pittsfield (MA) Sun, November 2, 1854, p. 2

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