SLAVE STAMPEDE IN MISSOURI

            The “deportation without compensation” movement is going on at such a formidable rate in Western Missouri as to threaten the absolute extirpation of slavery in that quarter in a short time. Under the encouragement and the armed aid which the movement receives from Kansas, the slaves, not only of the border counties, but of countries low down on the river, are swarming across the lines in droves, taking whatever moveable property such as horses, wagons, cattle, furniture, belonging to their masters they can seize, and making their way with out molestation. On Friday night of last week fifty ran away in a gang from Lafayette county, carrying of six wagons, eighteen horses, and one carriage.  The Lexington Union states that, during the last three weeks, not less than three hundred slaves escape from Lafayette county. These slaves all go to Kansas. The very organization in that State engage in enticing them from Missouri are said to be sending them down into the Indian country and selling them to the Cherokees and Choctaws. The persons engage in this business are making large sums our of it. – St. Louis News, 27th.  


"Slave Stampede in Missouri," Washington (DC) Daily National Intelligencer, May 2, 1863, p.2.

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