Beginning Date
Monday, May 27, 1861
Starting Point
Freedom Seekers Mentioned By Name
Clay (age 21) // Albert
Slaveholders Mentioned By Name
John W. Rollins
Mid Points
End Point

On Monday morning, May 27, 1861, two enslaved men, 21-year-old Clay and Albert (age unknown), escaped from a property near Rocheport, Missouri. Their enslaver, John W. Rollins, claimed that "it was a concerted plan of theirs and others with them, to attempt to leave the State, and ... reach Iowa and or Illinois." Clay and Albert were last seen heading north towards Sturgeon. Rollins advertised a $1,000 reward for their recapture.  In 1864, Rollins sold 22 slaves for a total of about $2,000.  Neither Clay nor Albert were in that group.

Escape Attributes
Single Slaveholder
Runaway Arrest Ad
Escape Numbers
Notes on Sources

St. Louis Missouri Republican, May 31, 1861 (HMO); For information on Rollins's 1864 slave sale, see History of Boone County (1882), p. 435 (available online: