COLCHESTER.  A Township in the county of Essex; bounded on the north by the townships of Maidstone and Sandwich; on the west by Anderdon and Malden; on the south by Lake Erie; and on the east by Gosfield. It contains 21,530 acres, of which 5124 are under cultivation. About half the township is wet land, and requires considerable draining; the remainder is mostly good land. Timber, maple, beech, elm, oak, black walnut, butternut, chestnut, &c. A large quantity of iron ore is found in the south of the township, about three miles from the lake, which is taken to the furnace in Gosfield. A large marsh in the north of the township, called Hog Marsh, empties itself into the River Canard. There is a saw mill on Cedar Creek; and a tannery, ashery, and three stores on the lake shore. Colchester possesses an Episcopal church, built of stone, and a Baptist chapel. Colchester is well settled, containing 1422 inhabitants. The Canada Company possess about 9000 acres in this township; and 700 acres of Crown lands are open for sale in the township, at 8s. currency per acre. Ratable property in the township, £18,723. (Smith's Canadian Gazetteer, 1849)

City or Town