DALLAS COUNTY Was first settled by Samuel Miller and family, in 1846. The population of the county according to the last census, was 2565. The present population of Adel, the county- seat is 126. The town is beautifully located on the west side of the North Raccoon River, and is directly on the great route between the East and California, Oregon and Utah.
Five public schools in the county, all in a prosperous condition. No private schools.
Dallas has five water, and one steam, saw-mills. Grist-mills and manufactories greatly needed. The many fine streams that afford water-power in this county, and the fertile soil, producing abundant crops, call loudly to the capitalists and farmers to make investments in Dallas. Considerable of the land of Dallas can be had at government price, if applied for before it is entered.
The country lies high, rolling, and healthy, but is comparatively sparsely settled, as the number of inhabitants indicates.   (Iowa As It Is in 1855; A Gazetteer for Citizens..., 1855)

DALLAS COUNTY   Was first settled in 1846, and organized in 1847. It is the first county west of Polk county, the seat of the State Government. North Coon River flows through the centre of the county from the northwest; Beaver creek in the eastern and Musquito creek in the southwestern parts of the county—these, with their numerous branches, are well skirted with timber. They also afford numerous good water powers, ten of which are occupied. The soil is generally a black sandy loam from five to six feet deep and very productive.
There are in the county seven flouring mills, seven saw mills, and one oil mill, all run by water power, and four saw mills by steam power.
There are needed, and would pay well, a woolen manufactory, another oil mill, a sash and door manufactory, and one to make agricultural implements.
There are eight churches in the county, and 52 school houses, all of which are used for religious services by various denominations. (Hair's Iowa State Gazetteer..., 1865)

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